Amaretti pudding

serves 8:
250 dried apricots 
125 ml port wine 
125 ml white wine
1 El starch flour
200 g butter
80  g sugar
250 g Amaretti (italien cookies with amaretto liqueur)
8 eggs
50 g semolina
lard and semolina for the pudding mold 
3 El apricot jelly

preparation:Cook 100 g of the dried apricots with the two
sorts of wine for 40 min. Thick the sauce with some 
starch flour.

Chop the rest of the apricots in small pieces, crumble
the amaretti cookies. Beat butter, sugar and egg yolks
until they are creamy. Add apricots, amaretti and the
stiff beated whites of eggs. Grease and strew the pudding
mold with some semolina. Fill in the pudding. The pudding
mold should be filled at most to two thirds. Lid with 
aluminum foil. Cook in boiling water for 60 min.

Let the pudding cool down for some minutes and turn out
of the mold. Serve warm with the apricot compote.

recipe by Christiane Franz
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